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About Us

The mission of The Solace Foundation of Orange County is to reduce the number of opioid related deaths by expanding access to the overdose reversal drug naloxone.  We also provide fentanyl test strips & other basic harm reduction supplies.

Our Program

  • Naloxone is expensive. The demand and need in Orange County is immense. Currently, we do not receive any funding and rely entirely on donations

  • The Solace Foundation operates under a standing order model. Dr. David Deyhimy assumes full prescribing authority and clinical oversight. Under the provisions of Assembly Bill 635, individuals are permitted to possess and administer naloxone in an emergency, and are protected from civil or criminal prosecution.

  • Learn more about naloxone here.

  • We currently provide staff training at drug treatment centers, sober living homes, detox facilities, and methadone clinics. Additionally, we provide training for clients at a number of drug treatment facilities, and the individuals we train are issued a naloxone kit when they complete their program.

  • Anyone can be trained to use naloxone. Click here to schedule a training session.

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