After O.C.'s only needle exchange closed, a woman whose son overdosed steps up

Ben Brazil Aimee Dunkle explains a naloxone kit to Robert Salas, who is homeless and living in Santa Ana's Civic Center Plaza. In the background are volunteers Johnny Huynh and Tony Phan. (Photo by Spencer Grant) Someone screamed for help when they saw him. The man was lying on the ground — his blue complexion and pupil-less eyes signaling a pair of starving lungs. He was stiff as a board. A body in the grip of an overdose. Aimee Dunkle heard the call, rushed over to the man and had somebody start rescue breathing while she administered a nasal spray dose of Narcan, a brand name version of a lifesaving opioid reversal drug, naloxone. More rescue breathing and a second Narcan dose and the col

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